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Ets Ange Express Hygiène et Services Offer different services in hygiene and sanitation.

Member of the Network of Yaounde Drainage Sludge Operators (ROCOBY).

The Ange Express Hygiene and Services establishments are a company approved by the State (№ accreditation 3413 / D / MINSANTE) for the activity of emptying septic tanks, disinfection, disinsection and deratization.

Our company covers the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings but can be consulted for any other region of the country. It provides communities and individuals with its equipment and know-how by carrying out quality work that respects both regulations and the environment.



Monday - Friday 08H00 - 18H

      Saturday 08H30 - 12H


Address: № 1596 Rue 5770, Etoudi (Yaoundé 1er)


Office: 237 (222 20 98 83) / 237 (695 70 33 09)

                    Emergency: 237 (656 62 40 60) / (671 41 28 76) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: Ange Express Hygiene and Services

Available 7D / 7 for diagnosis, intervention or emergency.